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Pico-C 64GB

Introducing the Pico-C Special Edition 64GB flash drive. The Pico C is incredibly small and stylish. Now it is 64GB big and features a speed rating of up to 30 MB/s*.  Measuring merely 1.50"x0.50", not only are Pico drives ideal for transporting data, digital images, and presentations, they are also the perfect accessory to adorn a keychain, mobile phone, or wore as a necklace  


  64GB (Special Edition 24K gold plated only)  


  31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm  

   Technical Details:

Special Limited Edition: 24k gold plated PICO-C

Fast Performance *

  - 30MB/s (200X) Seq. Read

  - 15MB/s (100x) Seq. Write

Rugged  and Water resistant

Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1

Capless design

Weight less than 6g

Powered by USB bus - no external power is required

Durable solid-state storage - 10 years data retention

Hot Plug & Play

* Speeds measured with ex-Fat format

The Pico-C special edition 64GB is only available 24K gold plating.  

Protected by US patents # 6,547,130; 7,257,714 and 7,103,684.